The farmers market in Beacon, NY is nestled behind the train station, right next to the Hudson River.  This past Sunday the Beacon Sloop Club was hosting their annual corn festival.  In the middle of the market they had set up a wood fire with a large cast iron pot, boiling a dozen ears of corn.  The Chatham Brewing Company was sampling their beers.  After a buttery ear of corn and a few beer samples I was ready to scout the produce.  I’m a sucker for beautiful signs, so naturally I was already won over by Common Ground Farm before I even looked at their stand.  They grow some of my favorite varieties - zephyr squash with it’s beautiful colors, sungold cherry tomatoes and purple string beans.  Common Ground is a non-profit farm that focuses on their CSA program.  Unlike many farms they offer working shares - offering a big discount over the course of the season for members who work shifts for the farm.  They have a summer camp for kids, and they offer workshops for the adults.  I love it when farms encourage participation for customers and the community.  You can check out all of their programs here.  

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    I would seriously love to be involved in something like this one day. I think CSAs are so great and I can’t wait to live...
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